About Loes

Lies of Eyes is the story of a girl with multiple personalities.
Katerina is a lost person of her own. In a lost lifestyle fantasy, she constantly lives the same things but in different identities.
She feeds her soul with illusory of a world where she is everyone and yet no one.


« Director, writer, cinematographer and colorist with a Bachelor of Academie des beaux-arts of Kinshasa and one Year Degree in SAE animation film from Cape Town, SA. He began his career in advertising as a 3D animator artist since 2007. Patrick Olondo (powshilo) directed and worked as a cinematographer for the Amazon prime show “The widow” Television series in 2018 as a second unit in DRC In 2020 and 2021, he received his first nomination and three Awards for the first short film Lies of eyes in film festivals. He is experienced and his work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques. Powshilo born in Kinshasa, the DR Congo’s capital city. »